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"Excel Mixer Nano
is a fantastic add-on
for Microsoft Excel"


Excel Mixer nano
Excel Mixer Pro
Experience your Excel spreadsheet in a simple and convenient way you have never seen before.
  • Multi-dimensional data cubes generation.
  • Chart export as image.
  • Data export in text format.
  • Change input values continuously using sliders.
  • Perform in-depth analysis of formula results with just two clicks.
  • Visualize formula results in state-of-the-art charts.
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Excel Mixer Pro in Finance
  • Stress test your models.
  • Multi-factor analysis.
  • Manual model calibration.
  • And much more!
Excel Mixer Pro is safe to use in highly protected environments (banks, financial or research institutions, insurances,...).
Contact us for details on safety issues.

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Excel Mixer Nano
Excel Mixer Nano - Free!
Control your file in a natural manner.
  • Control cell values in Excel files with sliders.
  • Observe in real-time the reaction of formulas and Excel charts.
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